—Twaha Twagirimana, plant supervisor at East Africa’s first major solar energy installation, occupying more than 42 acres. How long did it take Rwanda to construct this new solar farm with over 28,000 solar panels, providing 350 local jobs and energy for 15,000 residents? It’s been called “the fastest project in Africa,” because the build-out took just five months. Bella Kabatesi is a teen who lives in Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, which shares space with and leases land to the solar farm. Revenue from the installation has provided support for orphaned children like her who live there, many of whom lost their parents during the Rwandan conflict. Kabatesi appreciates access to renewable power because it allowed her to illuminate a monument she created in tribute to her community’s founder, who has since passed away. “The big solar plant is going to help the people and the country because it’s cheaper than main electrical power,” Kabatesi said. VIA THE GUARDIAN

On a percentage basis, clean energy capacity is growing twice as quickly in developing countries than in OECD nations.
Within 15 years, African nations plan to build nearly as much clean energy capacity as China has today.