The village of Entasopia is five hours from Nairobi and, like two-thirds of Kenya’s population, does not have access to the national power grid. But a solar microgrid in the village connects houses and businesses to central PV panels by underground cable, providing power more cheaply than diesel or kerosene. Bar owner Peter Okoth says he now has 11 light bulbs and enough power to run a TV and sound system. His profits will soon buy a refrigerator. Nancy Kaisa uses solar power to pump fuel at her filling station, explaining “I had a diesel generator before, but this is much cheaper and easier.” SteamaCo has 25 village grids across Kenya and uses smart meters and a cloud-based system for payments and supplies. The microgrids provide “the amount and reliability of power that rural people want, which is enough to change their lives and livelihoods,” ENVIRONMENT 360 reports. (Photo: SteamaCo)

“Solar light helps me to keep my business open at night.”
Solar power is now the cheapest source of electricity in Chile.